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Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Simple STIQ Test

The following are step-by-step instructions to create a simple STIQ test that will open a web page.

Please view the video that includes all the same steps.

Create the Suite.

  • Open STIQ.
If you are not sure how to open STIQ, refer to the information on the Getting Started page.
  • Click 'StoryTests' in the Navigation pane.
  • Click NewStiqPage.gif (NewPage) in the Suite pane.
  • Enter a name for the Suite in the Name field.
  • Select 'Suite'.
  • To complete creation and save the Suite, click 'Create Page'.

Create the Test.

  • Click NewStiqPage.gif (NewPage) in the Suite pane again.
  • Enter a name for the test in the Name field.
  • Make sure 'Test' is selected.
  • To complete creation and save the Test, click 'Create Page'.

Edit the Test.

  • To access the newly created Suite, click 'StoryTests' in the Navigation pane.
  • To access the Test, click the name of the newly created Suite in the Suite pane.
  • To edit the Test, click Edit.gif (Edit) in the Tests pane.
  • Enter a description for the test.
  • Enter an Open action to open the web page of your choice.
Note: The URL must be in the same domain as STIQ due to security restrictions in the browser (Cross Site Scripting).
  • To save the Test, click 'Save' in the Tests pane.

Run the Test.

  • Click All.png (Run All Tests) in the Controls pane.


You have successfully created and executed your first STIQ test.