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How do I access the Application Under Test (AUT) with javascript?

If you need a reference to the window of your application, you can refer to this.browserbot.getCurrentWindow() and if you need to use a locator to refer to a single element in your application page, you can use this.browserbot.findElement("foo") where "foo" is your locator.

How do we use STIQ in a shared environment (multiple test writers)?

You can use standard source control techniques to manage tests. Check the STIQ repository into your source control system (e.g., Subversion). Each test writer (Pair?) will have a local copy of the repository, execute STIQ and make changes locally, and check the changes in as appropriate.

It is also recommended that you run STIQ tests as part of your Continuous Integration pipeline. See Continuous_Integration for more details.

Is it OK to use "comments" outside of the comment command?

Yes, anything in a page outside of a table will not be processed by STIQ (Selenium) during test execution.

However, "comments" that are not in a test row will not be aggrageted by the !comments widget (broken at the moment).

See !comments for more information.

How do I move/delete/rename a page?

Click the "Refactor" button (hammer) and execute the appropriate command there.

Changes you make from the Refactor page will not be reflected in your source control system -- you'll need to manually change the files. However, you can use the refactor functions on pages that haven't been checked in to source control with impunity. ;-)

All Refactor commands work on the current page. Look at the bread crumb trail at the top of the frame - that tells you the test that will be deleted if you push the [Delete page] button.

The Delete command deletes the "current" page and there is no undo.

The Rename command renames the page without changing the page's location in the tree.

The Move function requires a path in FitNesse wikipage notation (dot separated). For example, ".ProjectRoot.StoryTests.BlogPage.NewBlog".

How do we effectively use the directory tree for optimal test execution?

See Test_Organization for more information.

Does STIQ integrate with Rally or Expression software?

Not at present, though SolutionsIQ is partnering with Rally and plans to extend and integrate Rally's FitNesse fixture.

Any additional plug-ins?

We have created a Selenium IDE format for STIQ -- please see Selenium_IDE for more information.

See also the SQL_Commands which permit arbitrary database command execution.

In the future, it will be possible to easily run FitNesse fixtures in STIQ.

What commands are unique to STIQ (not in Selenium)?

See Beyond_Selenium for a list of features STIQ provides that the current Selenium distribution does not.

Any support groups on the east side (Seattle)?

Not yet. ;-)

Can I use STIQ on the Mac?

Yes. StoryTestIQ will run on the Mac OS X, however Safari 3.x will cause problems with XSS. But you will be able to run with older versions of Safari (2.0.4). Please see:

Multi-Safari http://michelf.com/projects/multi-safari/

Thomas Aylott's Safari for Leopard http://tripledoubleyou.subtlegradient.com/stuff/Safari2/

STIQ on Mac OS X

How do I work around cross-site scripting permission issues?

Cross-site scripting Apache work around