General Suggestions

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Tests should be named to reflect what is being tested.

Do not use "Test" or "TestSuite" in a page name.

Remember that the FitNesse wiki expects page names to be in PascalCase form (WikiWord).


In the SprintTests section, create suite pages using the !tagsuite widget that aggregate the tests for each story and for the entire sprint.

Create a SprintNumber page (i.e., SprintTwo) for each sprint which will have a tagsuite that aggregates all tests for the Sprint, like this:

   !tagsuite .ProjectRoot.StoryTests sprintTwo

Each Story will have a suite page in the Sprint parent, like so:


The Story suite page will use a !tagsuite widget that aggregates all tests for the Story, like this:

   !tagsuite .ProjectRoot.StoryTests contactManager

When writing tests for a Story in one of the StoryTests sections, use the !tag widget to tag them with the Sprint and Story tags like this:

   !tag sprintTwo contactManager                

General Practice

As you work with tests, if you find broken links please fix them.

The last action in a test should be an assertion or other command that results in a pass or fail result (the last row will be green or red after the test completes execution).

Do not "log out" or navigate away at the end of a test -- leave the application under test in a state that supports discussion with the Customer about what the test has accomplished.


See the FAQ page for more tips and suggestions.