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STIQ Without Windows

See Running_STIQ_On_Unix for help installing STIQ on Mac or Unix.

See STIQ on Mac OS X for help with Safari 2.x (which is required) on Mac.

Using the Windows Installer Distribution

Getting started with STIQ is simple with the new installer for windows. Cruise on over to the SourceForge download page, read the release notes for the latest features and ehancements and signup for the monitor service to hear about new releases.

The windows installer is named storytestiq-2.0-RC4.exe. By default, the installer will install StoryTestIQ into C:/Program Files/SolutionsIQ/StoryTestIQ folder, and create the menu Start > Programs > StoryTestIQ with three executables - FrameworkTest, SeleniumTest and StoryTestIQ. These executables launch STIQ with different project roots:

  • TutorialTests: tutorial example tests.
  • FrameworkTests: STIQ tests that we use to test StoryTestIQ itself during development.
  • SeleniumTests: Selenium's tests that are also used in development.
  • My Project: a default "ProjectRoot" which can serve as the basis for your project's test tree.

The window should look something like this:

Stiq2 screenshot.png

Once you have STIQ running successfully, take a look at the included documentation for more details on how to create suites and test cases. As you become familiar with creating test cases we are confident that you will begin taking advantage of more of the Selenium and STIQ commands in your story tests.

The StoryTestIQ Repository

STIQ 2.0 ships with a tutorial that uses the recommended project structure. The folders IntegrationTests and SprintTests are containers for tag suites. The folder StoryTests is the hierarchical structure that contains the actual test pages (in the FitNesse wiki a page is really a file system directory, and STIQ is using the FitNesse wiki to serve test pages). The folder TestComponents is a similar hierarchical structure for components that are included in other test pages. See Test_Organization for more information about the recommended schema.

Setting Up A New Project

Ready to set up your own project? Start by following the Setting_Up_A_New_Project instructions and then post any questions you have to the Help Forum.

Environmental Setup

If you are using Internet Explorer to run STIQ (typical), you may want to read tips on how to Configure_Internet_Explorer.


See Frequently Asked Questions or post questions to the Help Forum.